Where is Abu Dhabi

While the question “Where is Abu Dhabi?” has a simple question indicating two co-ordinates on a map, there is more to it than a physical location. Boosting an incredible and steady growth in all aspects of life, Abu Dhabi deserves a more in-depth answer to this question. This is what this article plans to do, by offering readers (possible tourists, expats or businessmen) insight into where Abu Dhabi is standing now in point of economy, culture and, of course, location.

Where is Abu Dhabi – Physical Location

The co-ordinates for the center Abu Dhabi are 24° 28′ 0″ North and 54° 22′ 0″ East, placing Abu Dhabi on the northern side of the Persian Gulf, on the Arabian Peninsula. Boosting an overwhelming 87% of the United Arabian Emirates, Abu Dhabi is the capital city of UAE and the second largest city in the country after its more famous brother, Dubai. Most of the city surface is located on an island connected to the mainland through major 3 bridges, although some of the suburbs are located on the mainland.

Where is Abu Dhabi–Radiography of Local Economy

Away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai, yet close enough to observe its ascension, Abu Dhabi has carefully calculated its short, medium and long term strategies of economic development. While on the short term, the city still relies on its vast resources of oil, on medium and long term, Abu Dhabi has secured its future through numerous investments in tourism and the financial sector.

Abu Dhabi has come a long way from the ancient pearl gathering villages. The tents and small houses have been replaced by imposing building rivaling with the tallest and most modern establishments around the globe and the modest fishermen boats have been replaced by yachts. The entertainment options have been significantly diversified, bringing Abu Dhabi on top of luxury touristic destinations, while businessmen from all over the world travel to Abu Dhabi in search of new development opportunities. Looking at the way things evolve, there is one answer to where is Abu Dhabi from an economic point of view – on solid ground, far away from where it was years ago, yet not even close to where it will be few years from now!

Where is Abu Dhabi – Cultural Preservation and Development

Economy is not the sole domain where Abu Dhabi is making progress at a fast rate. Influenced by the waves of expats seeking employment in the area and by the numerous tourists visiting the city, the local culture is now a melting pot of traditions and cultural manifestations. Still heavily influenced by the Islamic views, the Abu Dhabi cultural life has seen a massive development in the late period, boosting large projects and cultural experiments.

Whether we are talking about preservation of ancient local customs (the Handicrafts Project, the Bait Al Oud, Turathuna, the Liwa Date Festival, Al Ain Centre for Music in the World of Islam) or the introduction of new braches to the Abu Dhabi cultural world (The Emirates Film Competition, the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, the Poet Academy, the Photographic Society), the cultural life has improved and developed considerably. Therefore, we are safe to say that Abu Dhabi is gaining terrain in the cultural world as well. Although still making its baby steps in the world’s culture, Abu Dhabi constitutes a landmark in the regional culture.

Abu Dhabi is a city fond of its Arabic roots, yet which has opened itself to the technological wonders of the west. Embracing progress with easiness, the city transforms itself in a modern metropolis which still holds the charm of the 1001 Nights’ stories.

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