Abu Dhabi Airport

Abu Dhabi Airport (UAE)

Abu Dhabi Airport is the second largest airport in the United Arabian Emirates (UAE), with 12 million people transiting it annually. The airport is operated by Abu Dhabi Airports Company, a state company founded in 2006 and administered by the local government. At the beginning of 2012, the airport provided landing facilities for 53 airlines and sent/received planes from 85 destinations in 49 countries. Due to the fast growing number of passengers using the airport, expansion and rehabilitation works have been started. In 2005 Terminal 2 was opened for public, in 2008 a new runaway was finished, while in 2009 the Terminal 3 was commissioned to Etihad Airways.

About Abu Dhabi Airport

Abu Dhabi Airport is the largest airport operated by ADAC and the headquarters for Etihad Airways, the second largest UAE airplane company after the Emirates. The airport has been used since 1982 and features three terminals which can handle a total of 12.5 million passengers each year. Constructions are held at the Midfield Terminal Complex (MTC), a modern terminal which is estimated to raise the airport’s capacity to 47 million people annually.

The airport features no less than 10 check-in desks which prevent overcrowding, 21 gates and 8 luggage claim belts. There are 4000 parking lots for long and short time parking, which enables easy access to and from the airport. A duty-free area and the numerous lounges make the waiting more bearable for the passengers transiting the Abu Dhabi Airport. A hotel is also available for people looking for rest before or after their flights.

Abu Dhabi Airport Services and Facilities

Abu Dhabi Airport delivers highly acclaimed services and facilities. The airport impresses through its attention to detail, good anticipation of tourists’ needs and its great organization, managing to satisfy first time fliers as well as veterans of the air travelling. The airport features free wireless connection, internet kiosks with free access to internet, lounges with PC and laptops, pay phone services, banking services and currency exchange. Medical services, including a clinic, ambulance, pharmacy and on board medical assistance, are available for a safe travel. The airport gives passengers access to a prayer room and to smoking areas. Special attention is given to pregnant women, people travelling with children and to people with handicap so that they can fully enjoy their passage through Abu Dhabi Airport.

The airport offers services which enable tourists to maximize their Abu Dhabi experience, without the hustle and bustle of planning, searching and booking in advance. Rent a car, travel services, the airport spa and the airport hotel makes any stay in Abu Dhabi, regardless if it is business or pleasure, much more enjoyable. The lounges from each terminal, the free newspapers and magazine distribution and the Al Ghazal Golf Club provide visitors with things to do while waiting for their flight.

The Abu Dhabi Airport Experience

The ADAC struggles to offer the best airport experiences to those stepping inside. Their efforts paid off and millions of people leave the airport with a smile on their faces. The latest official recognition of customers’ satisfaction came in 2012, when the Abu Dhabi Airport received the Best Airport in The Middle East Award from World Airport Awards. Furthermore, the airport was labeled as a 4-star airport due to its high end facilities, great services and continuous improvements.


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