Abu Dhabi F1

Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix

The youngest and yet most luxurious circuit in Formula 1, the Yas Marina Circuit hosts Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix since 2009. Inaugurated on November 1st as the last of the 17th races, the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix was the first race to take place in twilight, with extremely good lighting conditions that have perfectly made the passage between day and night. The numerous amenities, the great racing conditions and the outstanding management place the Yas Island circuit among the highly praised F1 race venues.

Yas Marina Circuit Details

The Abu Dhabi F1 circuit situated on Yas Island is relatively new on the F1 racing list, with only 3 races held in this location, two of them won by Sebastian Vettel (2009 and 2010) for Red Bull-Renault and one by Lewis Hamilton (2011) for McLaren-Mercedes. Featuring a length of 5.554 kilometers and 55 laps, the circuit boosts maximum speeds of over 320 km/hour and a medium one of 195 km/hour. The Yas Island race track features 9 right turns and 11 left turns alternated with relatively long portions of straight road for testing speed limits. In point of landscaping, the circuit is even more spectacular. Considered by many the jewel of Yas Island, the racing track beautifully wraps the Yas Viceroy hotel and the Yas Marina in a stylish embrace. The futurist design of the hotel is splendidly complemented by the water pools bordering the track. The Arabian details complete the landscape and add a local touch. The venue is perfectly located so as to offer great access to private yachts, as well as to great accommodation. A large majority of those arriving on the Yas Island for the Abu Dhabi F1 race prefer to use their yachts due to the incredible amenities offered by the Yas Marina.

See the event from Yas Island’s Viceroy Hotel

While there are visitors who want to observe their favorites from the tribunes, there are also Abu Dhabi F1 lovers who enjoy watching the races in full comfort, with a glass of cold drink in hand. If VIP seats are not what you want, you can enjoy the event from your five stars room at Yas Island Viceroy Hotel or in the spaces precisely designed inside the hotel for the event. A broad vision over the race track spans in front of you, regardless of the part of the hotel in which you are. This will enable you to follow your favorite for longer than if you were in the tribune. Once the race is over you can admire Yas Island’s beautiful sights you’re your window. Furthermore, there are great chances that you meet your idols and their teams during your stay.

Before and after the Abu Dhabi F1 race in Yas Island

Visitors are as important as the competitors and their staff for the Yas Island authorities. This is why each one of the people who purchase tickets will have free admission tickets for concerts after the race. In all three days international stars will be invited to perform in explosive shows. Most hotels, restaurants, clubs and pubs have special program that enable tourists to enjoy to the fullest their stay on the island.

Accommodation in Yas Island

Yas Island provides luxury accommodation for crew members, as well as for the visitors willing to partake in this high speed adventure. The first choice is definitely the Yas Viceroy Hotel, a 5 star accommodation provider located in the interior of the F1 circuit. Other six hotels boosting luxury services are ready to accommodate the tourists. The 2012 Edition of the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix will be held on November 2nd and 4th. Six world champions are expected to be on the starting grid on Yas Island this year. Sessions of autographs, concerts, special events and pit lane walks are provided for ticket holders.


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