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Abu Dhabi Sport

Famous all over the world for two major competitions, the Yas Links Golf Championship and the Yas Marina F1 Circuit, Abu Dhabi sport has plenty to offer to locals and visitors alike. With an incredibly well-structured strategy meant to introduce sport in citizens’ everyday life, Abu Dhabi authorities encourage citizens of all ages to direct their attention to different sportive activities. Furthermore, there is a constant support for the professional athletes and professional Abu Dhabi sport teams on both moral and financial plans. This unbiased support brought UAE international recognition in different sports and increased children’s interest in a sportive career.

Abu Dhabi Sport Life and Professional Competitions

The United Arab Emirates Football Association was established in 1971 and became a FIFA affiliate less than one year later. Gaining popularity due to the youth generations returned from abroad, football managed to rapidly increase its public. Nowadays, Abu Dhabi sport life boosts five major football clubs (Al Jazira, Al Ain, Al Wahda, Al Dhafra and Bani Yas). International top football players have chosen UAE teams, thus raising the quality of the matches and improving clubs’ performance in the internal and international championships. The new generation has also raised numerous talented football players who have developed strong national team with remarkable results in the regional and continental championships. The regular junior football competitions for under 12, under 14, under 16, under 18 and under 20 football teams keep the kids interested in football and motivates them to work harder and harder for stellar results.

Golf is another highly appreciated Abu Dhabi sport. Boosting three golf clubs (Abu Dhabi Golf Club, Abu Dhabi City Golf Club and Al Ghazal Golf Club) and an increased passion for winding terrains, challenging holes and splendid natural views, Abu Dhabi is just the place to be for an entertaining golf session that will make great memories (regardless if you are a player or a spectator). The best known golf event in the region is the Yas Link Golf Championship hosted by Abu Dhabi Golf Club, a tournament which brings closer golf’s crème de la crème.

Surrounded by water, Abu Dhabi had all the premises to make water its ally. In Abu Dhabi sport life this resulted in a high interest for water sports. The Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club, established in 1993, organizes different water-based activities and competitions. The F1 Powerboat World Championship, UAE Wooden Powerboat Championship and UAE Jet Ski Championship are only few of the international competitions coordinated by the ADIMSC. Abu Dhabi Sailing and Yacht Club was established in 2002 with the main goal of reviving traditional sailing and brining modern sailing in popular attention. Other activities promoted by Abu Dhabi sport departments include kayaking, kiting and swimming.

Abu Dhabi Sport Facilities for Locals

Abu Dhabi authorities encourage citizens to increase and diversify their physical activities. To stimulate Abu Dhabi sport’s life, special programs have been introduced in schools. Sport is becoming more than an alternative; it is a way of life for the majority of the locals. Whether they frequent the equestrian clubs, the hunting clubs, the falconry clubs, the golf clubs or the athletics facilities, citizens have included sports in their weekly routine.

Further steps have also been made in organizing proper sports locations for women. The authorities have established a women only beach, while the health resorts have created private sports facilities for women and children. Abu Dhabi sport grows with dedication from the local authorities and with great interest from its citizens. Furthermore, the area has managed in a short time to develop the sportive tourism and attract thousands of tourists every year in the international championship periods.


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