Abu Dhabi TV (ADTV)

Abu Dhabi TV (ADTV) is a national Arabic television channel. Part of the Emirates Media Inc. Abu Dhabi TV broadcasts from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and can be watched throughout the Arab World, in North and South America, Europe and Australia.

Abu Dhabi TV’s History

The channel was first launched in 1969 and was the first television station to broadcast from Abu Dhabi. A re-launch was organized in 2000, when the logo and channel’s identity were changed to meet the requirements of the modern world. These new identification signs were kept until 2008, when Abu Dhabi Al Oula (Abu Dhabi One) received a new logo design, a new identity and an innovative program package. This last change bears the names of talented and highly skilled professionals: Lambie Nairn’s graphic designers (for graphics) and David Lowe (for the musical theme).

Abu Dhabi TV’s Programs

Abu Dhabi TV (ADTV) boosts a varied range of programs, starting with news and ending with entertainment programs. The program is designed so as to appeal the entire family. Therefore, it includes movies, entertainment shows, dramatic series, as well as talk shows and cultural, educational and informational programs. 90% of the programs which air on this television channel are indigenous products, designed and filmed on the television’s sets. The news programs air once in three hours and contain mainly subjects of local and national interest. International news of great importance are also broadcasted in the news programs. In fact, Abu Dhabi TV is known in the entire world after the great footage of the Iraq War in 2003. In the Arab world, the television has gained numerous fans with Million’s Poet, a show meant to rediscover the Arab poetry and encourage talented Arab poets. The competition has been compared with the American Idol both due to its format and to its impressive success. The television enjoys editorial and administrative independence. Yet, the finances come from the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Information and Culture, which accounts for the relative dependence on the state.

Abu Dhabi TV – part of EMI

Abu Dhabi TV (ADTV) is the only general television channel owned by the Emirates Media Inc., the largest and most diversified local media trust in UAE and the Arab world. The other four television channels owned by EMI are targeted towards specific audiences and cover specific niches. Abu Dhabi Sport deals with different sportive activities, with a focus on the Arab sportive life. Abu Dhabi Drama is dedicated to local cinema productions and theater plays, Abu Dhabi UAE presents the local culture and civilization and broadcasts news from the United Arab Emirates. The National Geographic Abu Dhabi is a channel developed in partnership with National Geographic Channel and provides cultural shows and documentaries about the natural world.

In September 2003 a new Abu Dhabi TV (ADTV) was launched, this time outside the UAE borders, in Canada. The channel is property of Ethnic Channels Group and functions under EMI’s license. Abu Dhabi TV Canada is a specialty channel which broadcasts mainly Arab programs from Abu Dhabi TV (ADTV); canadian content for and with the Arab communities in Canada is also inserted periodically.


More information from ADTV official website.