Abu Dhabi University

Abu Dhabi University

“Every great city must have a great university…” This is the opening to the welcome statement by Nabil Ibrahim, Chancellor of the Abu Dhabi University.
The University is located in two campuses; Abu Dhabi city and Al Ain and offers a seat of learning for over 5,000 students from 55 countries across five distinct faculties covering every aspect of study. Eventually targeting around 10,000 the university has been in existence for eleven years and currently has alumni of just over 1,500 former students.

Whilst it is focused on serving the needs of students from the UAE, Abu Dhabi University is truly international in flavor offering courses in both the English language and Arabic. As a seat of learning it has adopted the American higher education model for the delivery of under and postgraduate studies whilst taking on board the British system for post-secondary education.

The five overarching faculties provided for by Abu Dhabi University include; English Language, Arts and Sciences, Engineering and Computer Sciences, Business Administration and a University College that between them, offer no fewer than 138 different courses and qualifications.

Abu Dhabi University’s Campuses

Al Ain, the second campus of was opened in 2003 and by the time that the second, newer, campus had opened in Abu Dhabi city was offering courses across 60 individual faculties to almost 700 students. Located in what is known as Abu Dhabi’s ‘garden city’, the mountainous environment, set amidst abundant and lush greenery provides a cooler setting in which students form twenty plus nationalities can study. In 2006 the Abu Dhabi campus was opened in and comprises a total floor area of just over 45,000 square feet the facility is totally self-contained with classrooms, lecture theaters, laboratories, cafes, refectories and its own food court plus indoor and outdoor recreational facilities to match those found elsewhere.

In terms of its credentials and accreditation all degree programs offered by Abu Dhabi University are licensed by the Education and Scientific Research ministry of the UAE and it is recognized as an authoritative seat or learning across many Middle Eastern countries. It currently offers programs at three levels, ‘Bachelor’ with 22 programs, ‘Masters’ with seven and one full Doctorate and ADU as it is known has a commitment to drive and fuel the economy of the region and to reach out across all of the UAE and beyond.

Every university has a library and Abu Dhabi University is no different – the facility provides the primary resources for students studying at ADU and utilizes the latest computer technology to enable speedy access and print of articles and documents required to support study.

With recreation facilities second to none Abu Dhabi University offers students the opportunity to participate in soccer, tennis, basketball and volleyball as well as having an extensive gymnasium facility. Add to these secular arrangements a large number of prayer rooms plus student union facilities and the well being of the whole student caucus is catered for from the moment that they enter its portals till the time when they leave with their degree.


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