Canadian Embassy Abu Dhabi

Canadian Embassy Abu Dhabi

The Canadian Embassy Abu Dhabi offers support for the Canadian citizens who reside in Abu Dhabi and UAE and ensures a proper communication between the two countries. Canada and United Arab Emirates are partners in numerous sectors, including commerce, international security, humanitarian affairs, energy security and international peace promotion. The two countries share the same values of peace and promote prosperity on individual, national and international levels. Valuable commercial ties have been established between the two countries and numerous Canadian citizens are temporary relocated in UAE for work or study. The Canadian state is represented in UAE by the Canadian Embassy Abu Dhabi and by the Canadian Consulate Dubai. The Embassy is the major source of information for the Emirati citizens willing to travel, study or establish commercial relationships with the Canadian state.


The Canadian Embassy Abu Dhabi is located on 26th Street, Rowdah District in the Abu Dhabi Trade Towers (Abu Dhabi Mall), West Tower. For written correspondence, the address is Embassy of Canada, P.O. Box 6970, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Services offered for the Emirati by the Canadian Embassy Abu Dhabi

Canadian Embassy Abu Dhabi is a multidirectional institution, ensuring good collaboration between Canada and United Arab Emirates. Opened for individuals as well as for Emirati companies, the Embassy offers a varied range of services in its Abu Dhabi office. Visa and Emigration services provide help and guidance for Emirati people willing to visit, work or permanently reside in Canada. UAE citizens receive general information about Canada and the Canadian lifestyle, are given necessary details and support for obtaining a visa and immigrate in Canada. The advantages as well as the requirements associated with studying in Canadian universities are presented to those interested in taking such a step.

Special assistance is offered to Emirati companies willing to establish economic relations with Canadian companies, individuals or institutions. Companies are helped in finding a Canadian supplier, a company to distribute Emirati products in Canada or assisted throughout the process of investing in Canadian industry or agriculture. Training about the Canadian business environment, rules and regulations are also provided.

Services offered for the Canadians by the Canadian Embassy Abu Dhabi

The Canadian Embassy Abu Dhabi also offers assistance for Canadian individuals visiting, working, studying and/or residing in UAE. Canadian companies which need more information on the UAE business environment; which need support in establishing business relations with Emirati companies, individuals or institutions or which experience difficulties in UAE also find personalized assistance at the Canadian Embassy Abu Dhabi.

International adoptions between the two countries are possible. Whilst a delicate project, the Canadian parents willing to adopt an Emirati children can require for the procedures to be started once all the paperwork has been completed. The Canadian Embassy Abu Dhabi offers support along the process, from its start until all the formalities have been completed. For further problems after the adoption was complete, the Embassy is also at citizens’ disposal. Birth registrations for Canadian children who have been born during visits or permanent residence in UAE are also available through the Canadian Embassy Abu Dhabi.

Emergency Assistance from Canadian Embassy Abu Dhabi

Canadian citizens benefit from support in case of emergency situations. Assistance can be required in case of arrest/detentions, child or adult abductions, evacuations, natural disasters, financial issues, stolen or lost documents/belongings, medical issues, accidents (car, plane, train, etc.), missing persons and passport problems. For an emergency situation citizens are encouraged to call the toll free number 800 014 0145 (available non-stop for emergencies only) or email the Canadian Embassy Abu Dhabi at


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