Dubizzle Abu Dhabi

The souk is a fabled marketplace across the Middle East, a source of almost everything the individual could want, well there is a new souk on the block – it is called dubizzle Abu Dhabi.

Here is the Internet version of the physical market place writ large with more choice, more opportunity and its always open. Of course the online market place has been around for many years yet here is one that combines a huge range of products and services, properties for sale and rent many hundreds of job opportunities plus an online community and discussion board and an events channel. First launched in 2005 Dubizzle has grown to become the leading community and classified advertising website catering for people right across North Africa and the Middle East and its free. Four million visitors a month, that is unique hits not page views, from fourteen countries use its services and with links to the biggest social networks on the web it represents a complete solution. Advertising is free and so it’s a really good proposition.

Looking at each of the major categories; Classified Adverts are ranged across 28 discrete categories for an ease of searching and a recent snapshot showed in excess of 23,000 individual adverts for everything from a car to vouchers. In property the site provides a platform for sale, rent, let on both commercial and residential terms with just fewer than 20,000 listings for everything from a sub-let of an apartment to a complete office block. Dubizzle Abu Dazzle has a comprehensive job board too with more than 5,000 listings across 20 individual opportunities and vacancies from accounting through to medical and sales.
In common with some Internet review sites Dubizzle Abu Dhabi offers a ‘no holds barred’ place for users to comment on what they have bought, used or experienced and it works.

It has a discussion board that is newly added and is beginning to get populated and when it gets up and running will prove extremely powerful in allowing the views of the subscribers to be heard and replied to. Add to that the Community section that allows for subscribers to Dubizzle Abu Dhabi to promote their own ‘happenings’ and events all of which will add to the richness and culture of the region. The aspect of Dubizzle Abu Dhabi that is most exciting is the fact that it is one of a number of similar sites spread across the Arab world and which can be read in Arabic, French or English making it an integral component of the move towards Internet based sales, marketing and networking amongst like minded individuals. Of course it carries advertising, it has to if it is to survive long-term, but Dubizzle Abu Dhabi is a platform that offers the user so much opportunity and because it is focussed on local offers, events and discussions it is highly relevant to the city, region and because it is a ‘one to one’ transactional database it is safe and secure.