New York University in Abu Dhabi (NYU Abu Dhabi)

New York University in Abu Dhabi (NYU Abu Dhabi), or the world’s first truly global university (as the initiators of this project name it), is a higher education institution financed by the Abu Dhabi authorities and developed in partnership with New York University. The NYU Abu Dhabi was opened in September 2010 and it is targeted towards liber arts, offering Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) diplomas at the end of the four years study period.

NYU Abu Dhabi’s Location

The present NYU Abu Dhabi is located downtown Abu Dhabi and it is divided into multiple buildings. The largest one is the Sama Tower, a place which includes student rooms, classrooms, performance rooms, art center, health and wellness center, lounges, dining facilities and even a recording studio. Many of these facilities are available only to NYU Abu Dhabi students.
The Downtown Campus is reserved to academic activities and research. It features a two story library and online access to NYU’s library and scientific resources, conference rooms, classrooms and a café. The Campus boosts a Neuroscience Language Laboratory established in collaboration with UAE University. The laboratories are all of them located in the NYUAD Center for Science and Engineering (CSE).
A new permanent campus is planned to open in 2014. The Saadiyat Island campus will be a mixture of Greenwich Village and local architecture and will host branches of two prestigious museums: Louvre and Guggenheim.

About NYU Abu Dhabi

The plans for a New York University in Abu Dhabi started in 2005-‘06 when the two parts have settled for discussions. In 2007 teachers and people from advisory committees left New York with the destination Abu Dhabi for a better understanding of the local realities and developing plans and solutions that will best function in time. The first results of this visit were seen in 2008, when the curriculum and the academic program were established by the NYU elites following the actual NYU program.

In 2010 the university opened its gates for students from all over the world. Speaking 40 different languages and coming from different backgrounds, the 148 students formed a multicultural community having one goal: to perfect their knowledge and become the best in their field of activity. To keep up with the NYU programs, the students have access to a “portal campus” through which they can take part in the courses held in NYU. The classes are based on both side student interaction and active participation. The interaction is realized through videoconference equipment placed at NYU.

Student facilities at NYU Abu Dhabi

With an initial rate of admission of 2.1, the NYU Abu Dhabi is a rather elitist university. While not many students are able to enjoy the benefits of studying in its campuses, those who are admitted at NYUAD enjoy excellent living and studying conditions. Starting with the campus life and ending with the “portal campus”, the experiences offered by the NYU Abu Dhabi are unparalleled. Among the facilities which undergraduates enjoy while studying in the UAE capital we mention accommodation in studios or double room apartments, art and sport facilities, multidirectional learning strategies, relatively low study fees and access to studying abroad for a couple of months.Furthermore, co-curricular activities are offered for a complete development of the individual. Courses of photography, astronomy, a sailing club and volunteer opportunities are offered to NYU Abu Dhabi students. Trips and athletic activities are also available and the list of such activities is constantly improved to offer students the best experiences possible.

Research at NYU Abu Dhabi

NYU Abu Dhabi through the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute encourages research in all its branches and areas of interest. The Institute organizes periodical conferences, meetings and workshops targeted at the local public as well as at the academic community.

Summer Academy at NYU Abu Dhabi

The Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholarship or the Summer Academy is directed towards high school students and aims at motivating local talents and preparing them for top international universities. The selection is rigorous and only 30 10th and 11th grade students have access to this scholarship everywhere. They benefit from multicultural preparation at NYU Abu Dhabi and at other two NYU locations.


More information from NYU Abu Dhabi Official Website.