Saadiyat Island

Saadiyat Island

Located 500 meters away from the Abu Dhabi coast, the Saadiyat Island is meant to become the city’s gemstone, a place of retreat for over 145,000 people, a cradle of culture and education, a top destination for golf players and a one of a kind touristic attraction. With many of its buildings and infrastructure already in construction, the island is showing more of its potential as days go by. The gemstone is now polished, only to rise and shine in the powerful Abu Dhabi sun!

About Saadiyat Island

There is no room for ordinary when it comes to Saadiyat Island. Starting with the mixture of culture, business, sport and leisure and ending with the top architects (five of them individual winners of Pritzker prize) commissioned to transform the area, the Island is meant to become a true paradise for all types of tourists as well as for locals who decide to purchase a residence on the island.
Spread on 27 square kilometers of land, the island building should be complete by 2020, with some of the major attractions raised and inaugurated even before that term. The project has been assigned to Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC), a joint stock company which has as unique shareholder the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority.

Saadiyat Island’s Districts

Saadiyat Island or “The Island of Happiness” will have over 2600 ha of usable space, divided into seven main districts. While taking pride in its unitary architecture, style and building display, this district division was necessary for a better space optimization and was done having in mind the future tourists’ time management.

The Cultural District will occupy 2.4 km2 and will include a Louvre Museum (scheduled for opening in 2015), Zayed National Museum (designed by Foster and Partners and scheduled to open in 2016), the Guggenheim Museum (set to be opened in 2017) and the Performing Arts Center (part of the second development stage of the Cultural District). The area will also feature boutique hotels, residences, an office park and shops.

The Saadiyat Beach is the leisure district of the island. Boosting 9 kilometers of pristine beaches with fine white sand, beach clubs, high end residences and a golf course, this area promises to become a trend setter in beach entertainment and relaxation.
The Marina District will hold the Maritime Museum, bars and restaurants, boutiques and luxury residences. Designed to become the commercial part of the island, the Marina District is expected to be one of the liveliest places on the Saadiyat Island.

The Reserves represents the natural part of the Saadiyat Island. Boosting incredible vegetation and landscapes, it is the promise of an eco-friendly attitude and a commitment towards the future generations that nature will always have her place. Low rise residences will blend in with luxuriant vegetation, while a golf club will bring visitors and locals one step closer to the natural beauty.
The Promenade District is targeted towards family and family entertainment. Restaurants, bars, a family resort and many entertainment options are to be found in this 931,000 square meters district.For those with a taste for exquisite living, the Lagoons come with an unbeatable offer: waterfront residences in an area with tidal lagoon system and splendid surroundings in a quiet area.

Last, but not least, there is the Saadiyat Retreat District, a place specially designed for tourists looking for relaxation in a secluded, yet luxury area. Residences are also available for those who fell in love irremediable with the beauty of Saadiyat Island. Planned so that every tourist or resident will be treated exceptionally, the Saadiyat Island is a masterpiece, a flower which is about to bloom and show its real beauty. Although exceptional in terms of design, it is its broad range of functionalities which will set the island on top of discerning people’s preference list.

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