Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the rising job markets in the Emirates. While the 2011 cut outs on Abu Dhabi jobs have severed the economy and have determined a relatively high unemployment rate in this capital city, things seem to improve in 2012. With a governmental strategy meant to increase employment, Abu Dhabi promises to make its triumphal re-entry in the elite of cities hiring personnel with plenty of jobs in Abu Dhabi.

Government policy for re-launching the local job market

Government has made a major move in increasing jobs in Abu Dhabi. The decision to start the infrastructure projects abandoned in the previous years will create thousands of new jobs for the locals as well as for the expats. Along with actively involving in the rise of the employment in the capital city, the government has also created a platform that enables employers and people looking for employment easier interaction. Bayt is probably the largest virtual job market in the Emirates, featuring thousands of jobs in Abu Dhabi and surrounding area.

Expats – Looking for jobs in Abu Dhabi

While it seems that the authorities are keener to replace expats with native people presenting the same education and skills (emiratisation), the job opportunities for expatriates are still viable. The oil sector is still the main provider of Abu Dhabi jobs. With 9% of the world’s oil resources on its territories, it is no surprise that the oil industry offers the most jobs in Abu Dhabi for both locals and expats. Other traditional sectors offering jobs in Abu Dhabi include gas industry, petrochemical sector, manufacturing and shipping. However, the Emirates plan to take a step further and develop other economic sectors that will bring it benefits on the long run and will increase Abu Dhabi jobs on the medium and long term.  Aviation, tourism and telecommunications are the areas which have registered significant growth, so there are great chances that they will speed up the hiring process in these areas in the future. The constructions sector is also in employment recruiters’ attention since the government has announced the continuation of important projects such as the famous Guggenheim and Louvre museums.

Specialists recommend leaving for UAE only after securing a stabile position. While the jobs in the Abu Dhabi are rising, there are few people who can get a position after a speculative visit. Therefore it is advisable to use the specialized recruitment agencies for stable, well paid and secure Abu Dhabi jobs.

Abu Dhabi jobs requirement and life style

While the professional requirements vary from job to job, there are some standard requirements for expats which involve solid knowledge of spoken and written English. Arabic knowledge, even though not required, presents an advantage. Formal attire comprised of jacket, long sleeved shirt and long pants (even in hot summer days) is required for men, while women are suggested to avoid tight fitting clothing, see through fabrics and skirts shorter than the knee length.

Expats who qualify for Abu Dhabi jobs qualify the city as a relaxed place, where family climate is encouraged and children can be raised properly. In comparison to its best known neighbor Dubai, Abu Dhabi is a relatively tranquil city, without being boring or slow. Shopping areas providing exclusive merchandise, diverse entertainment possibilities and affordable vehicles for independent moving across town make it a one of a kind experience for any expat. However, make sure you can put up with the hot weather all year round.

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