Yas Island Jobs

Yas Island Jobs

A major landmark in Abu Dhabi, Yas Island, is one of the major sources of employment the area. The constant development of daring projects, which involve excellence in all aspects, requires highly qualified personnel that will fully comply with the high standards imposed by the location. The $36 billion project developed by Aldar Properties breaks boundary after boundary in its quest for perfection. Therefore the need for specialists in different domains it is constantly increasing. While the native workforce can cover part of the employment needs of the artificial island, there are still numerous Yas Island jobs which need to be filled by expats.

Yas Island Jobs in Themed Parks

Waterworld promises to be the largest and most spectacular water park in the world. Featuring over 43 rides and slides, the Waterworld will be an attraction itself, not only a place to spend some quality time while in Abu Dhabi. Starting with so high expectations, it is understandable why the developers seek for specialized persons to fill out the Waterworld Yas Island jobs.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the largest indoor park and the first ever Ferrari park, is another inexhaustible source of employment in the region. The park was opened in 2010 and since has recruited personnel for its maintenance and management, adding value to the Yas Island jobs’ market. Whether you are a local searching for a job that opens your world or an expat wanting to make your break through on the Yas Island jobs’ market, the Waterworld and the Ferrari themed park present excellent work opportunities.

Yas Island Jobs in Hotels

The grand opening of the Yas Viceroy hotel not only boosts the comfort of the area, but also increases the number of Yas Island jobs. The luxury accommodation provider, result of a fructuous collaboration between Viceroy Hotel Group and Aldar, was opened in 2010, but jobs are still offered in various sectors of hotel management. Other six high end hotels have been opened since Yas’s grand opening, all of them presenting great opportunities for employment. Regardless if you are searching for a job as a receptionist or manager, the Yas Island jobs do not seem to be at a halt in the hotel industry.

Yas Island Jobs in Retail Industry

Great players in the retail industry have started to make their appearance on the Island. The first to open a subsidiary on Yas is IKEA. Labeled as the largest IKEA store in the area, this subsidiary has significantly increased the number of Yas Island jobs. Expats, mainly from the mother company, have found their way to the UAE job market. However, most of the employees activating in the subsidiary are still locals. Same goes for the Yas Mall, another retail giant that wants to become one of the largest and most important shopping points. And it seems that luxury fashion industry fits perfectly with the Yas concept.

Yas Island Jobs in Golf Industry

Significant efforts have been made to put Abu Dhabi in general and Yas Island in particular, on the world’s best golf resorts map. Yas Links Golf Course was opened in 2010 and gained world recognition two years after, when Reader’s Digest ranked it 24th in World’s Best Courses Outside of America. If you have a passion for golf, the Link is still hiring qualified personnel. Cutting the grass may not be one of the best Yas Island jobs, but it does offer perspectives in the long run if you are ambitious.

Event planning is another sector which is in constant need of active people that can work effectively under pressure. Concerts of popular and highly acclaimed singers and bands are organized on a regular basis, so the Yas Island job opportunities arise constantly. Furthermore, the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is a major event that concentrates massive work force, adding thus more employment opportunities to the already existent Yas Island jobs.


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