Yas Island Restaurants

Yas Island is bursting with life during the day, yet the true colors of this fantastic Abu Dhabi island are shown during the evening and nights. To cater properly for their clients’ tastes, hotels on Yas Islands have designed their own restaurants prepared to introduce tourists into the wonderful gastronomic world. From one restaurant to five or more, the local hotels try their best to offer guests a one of a kind culinary experience. Yet, they are not the only meal providers on the island. The place is packed with nice Yas Island restaurants that will pamper your senses. Ferrari World takes pride in some of the most exquisite dining options, while Yas Golf Club offers great meals in an intimate environment. Furthermore, individual Yas Island restaurants complete the culinary map of this chic location. Let’s make a virtual voyage through what each of these providers has to offer.

Yas Island Hotel Restaurants –Between Fast Bites and Exquisite Dinning Experiences

Boosting no less than 12 restaurants serving local and international food, Yas Hotel (aka Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi) is one of the most sought after dinning provider. The hotel features a Mediterranean restaurant, Asian-themed restaurants, a dining facility providing local food and an Italian restaurant serving home-made pasta and Italian specialties. Pool bites and outdoor eating are also available at Yas Viceroy Hotel. Whether you are staying at the hotel or just passing by, try one or all their fantastic Yas Island restaurants for a unique culinary experience.

Yas Rotana is another local hotel providing delicious alternatives for guests and passers-by. The hotel features an Indian restaurant, a New York themed dining facility, a steakhouse and an all-day restaurant. Pool snacks are also available. Park Inn Hotel, Centro Yas Island, Radisson Blu and Crown Plaza hotel also feature good places to serve lunch or dinner or have a quick bite in between meals. Therefore, if you are not in the mood for searching the island for good Yas Island restaurants, stay within the hotel for a diversified and equally good meal.

Ferrari World – Eat Well while Enjoying the Adventure

Italian food is everywhere in Abu Dhabi, but if you want to sample good Italian dishes in an out-of-the-box environment, try the Ferrari Yas Island restaurants. Whether you want to eat the same menu as the workers in Ferrari Factory or read the menu of the first restaurant to open near the Ferrari Factory, Italian food is at its best here. An open air rosticceria and an Italian café complete the dining options from inside Ferrari World – a culinary roller-coaster which must be sampled!

Yas Links Golf Club Dining Options

Golf passionate and their families, as well as gourmand people without any particular interest in golf, can indulge in the Mediterranean cuisine at Barancca, a chic restaurant located onsite. At Hickory’s one can have a fast bite by choosing from the varied types of tapas available.

Other Yas Island Restaurants

For those who want to hang out and discover the Yas Island restaurants on their own, the surprises will not fail to appear. Stars’n’Bars is one American restaurant where you want to come with your kids during the day and your friends during the night, so that you catch up with all the fun. Cipriani, an Italian restaurant serving indoors and outdoors, is another place which will draw your attention when wandering the streets of Yas Island. For Japanese food, try Yotto restaurant, a chic and cozy place to start or end your day in!

Yas Island restaurants provide a vast array of dishes. Whether fully complying with the traditional recipes or mixing styles and adapting dishes to local tastes and ingredients, every meal on the island is an enchantment. Due to their diversity, there is a restaurant for every taste in Yas Island!