Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi is a new addition to the Yas Island’s numerous touristic attractions. Designed to cater for different types of visitors and provide entertainment for the entire family, the Yas Waterworld aims at becoming a major landmark in local tourism, attracting people from the Emirates as well as from all over the globe.


Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi is located on Yas Island, an artificial island created in the vicinity of Sir Bani Yas Island. Home to some of the most exciting touristic attractions, high end hotels, the most entertaining events and most exciting sportive competitions, the Yas Island is a paradise for all those looking for quality entertainment.
Yas Waterworld is located in the center of the entertainment complex, neighboring another exclusive theme park, the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Spread over 15 hectares of land and boosting over 40 attractions, Waterworld will be the largest water park on the island and one of the largest ones in the world.

Yas Waterworld Attractions

Yas Waterworld features 43 attractions, some of which were exclusively designed for this location, while the others were adapted to fully integrate in Yas Island’s landscape. The attractions have been developed taking into consideration different ages and preferences, starting with fun children’s playgrounds and ending with adult adventures on incredible surfing waves.

Bandit Bomber

The main attraction of this waterpark is the first and only rollercoaster with on-board water and laser effects for added thrill. With a length of 550 meters, it is the longest suspended roller coaster in the Middle East, so fun is guaranteed even for the pickiest Yas Island tourists.


Amwaj is the largest pool with waves in the Middle East and one of the most relaxing attractions at Yas Waterworld. Alternating between large waves and calm periods, the pool offers a great view towards the large looming pearl, part of the park’s theme.

Bubbles’ Barrel and Rush Rider

Bubbles’ Barrel and Rush Rider are a compulsory stop for any passionate surfer. While the Rush Rider offers slightly milder waves and gives beginners a chance to test and perfect their surfing skills, the Bubbles’ Barrel is merciless! Boosting 3 meters high waves and over 7000 liters of water per second pushed forward, this wave simulator sure knows how to stir emotions!

Al Raha River

Tourists willing to fully relax can enjoy the flowing waters of the Al Raha River. Sat on tubes, visitors float gently through caverns, alongside scenic landscapes and beautiful surroundings for a relaxing and laid back experience.

Marah Fortress

The ultimate experience for children, the Marah Fortress is a huge playground that will keep kids entertained all day long. It features six slides, water cannons, two dumping buckets and a geyser. With so many things to do, children will certainly love Yas Island in general and Yas Waterworld in particular.

Tangled slides and smaller child as well as adult attractions complete Yas Island’s splendid theme park and invite tourists to devote more days for water fun inside the park. Yas Waterworld also features numerous restaurants and dining options, stores, souvenir shops and interactive games suitable for the entire family, so that everyone can leave the place with wonderful memories.

The Legend behind Yas Waterworld

Emirati culture plays an important part in Yas Waterworld’s design. The park’s theme is centered around pearl diving, a tradition deeply rooted in the local culture and history. The pearl diving was, for centuries, the only source of income of people living in the area and one of the occupations which led to Abu Dhabi’s development.

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi revives an old legend which tells the story of a large pearl which was believed to possess supernatural powers that will ensure financial stability, health and good luck to the community. The pearl was found by the divers of Qaryat Al Jewana and indeed, while they had the pearl, the village was prosperous and the life was good. However, a powerful wind blew in from the dessert and took the pearl away. Yet, the villagers are convinced the pearl still exists and will help them whenever they are in great needs. Yas Waterworld’s visitors are invited to join Dana in her quest for the pearl. The fun, good time and great adventures are guaranteed!


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